Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/08/16

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lieca & Minolta - A perfect marriage
From: Bernard <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:09:45 +0400

Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter) wrote:

> LUGites,
> I think Minolta would help Leica especially from a financial
> perspective.
> Since Leica really has a very small piece of the SLR market, imagine a
> Minolta/Leica R9 with AF lenses made by Leica.  WOW!
> (BTW, AF technology was originated by Honeywell, Minolta was just the
> first
> to put it in an SLR and Konica the first in a point & shoot)
> You'd finally have some real competition for Nikon and Canon!  Minolta
> is
> probably the best ergonomically engineered camera on the market.
> Always
> very easy to use. The Leica name has great value in the photography
> market,
> so combining this advantage and a state-of-the-art (albeit not a
> collectible
> piece just yet) Minolta made R9, would really help both companies form
> a
> financial perspective.  Minolta may help getting things out to market
> in a
> timely fashion, perhaps even build in a motor drive so one doesn't
> have to
> wait a great length of time in the hope they finally become available.
> The only caveat is that they both are poor in the marketing
> department, but
> this is easy to remedy.

The result may be great, technically, but many technically great product
have failed on the market. Marketing is the problem I see with this
Leica-Minolta team. Leica SLRs are still being accused of being
overpriced Minoltas. And let's be fair; Minolta is the last of the
Japanese Big Three. Minolta is not a "pro's choice" in the people's
mind, and when you look at the statistics, it's not only in the people's
minds. Compared to brands like Leica, Hasselblad, Linhof, Sinar et al,
Minolta is a "cheapo-brand".

This is not to say anything against Minolta, but they are positioned in
a totally different market segment than Leica.