Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/30

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Re: Special Edition M6s
From: "A.H.SCHMIDT" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 23:13:27 +1000

Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> I find this fight between collectors and users silly. I would submit that many
> of us users are also just a tiny bit collectors. Why do some of us (myself
> included) shoot with LTM Leicas and 60-year old lenses when we also have the
> M6s? Because it is fun and because it is nice to have these old cameras and
> lenses to look at. I am most certainly a user and would never buy any piece of
> equipment if I did not intend to take pictures with it. But once the Leica bug
> bites I think many of us become collectors too to a greater or (in my case)
> lesser extent.
> As for the special LHSA M6 that was the original subject of this thread, I say
> all the power to Leica. We all know it is a small company struggling to survive.
> If they can sell several hundred M6s with a 200% margin, then it is good for all
> of us.
> Nathan

well said, exactly my sentiments. I believe, there is nothing wrong, to collect and
to use. I have a few M's and also quite a few LSM. I use all of my M's, but I use
them when I know, nothing much can happen to them. They are still in good mechanical
condition, and cosmetically they are also very good. When I want to rough it, then I
take my Pentax Spotmatic. The one with dings and dents.
Of my LSM cameras I use only one. My trusty 3C. the others are in my showcase,
together with all the special accessories I collected over the years. The reason why
I collect this accessories?. because Leitz over the years made a myriad of them. All
where ingeniously made and are of a extremely high quality. 95% of them I don't use.
The other 5%, like the close up devices and the Visoflex I use sometimes. All of my
lenses, new or old, are used sometimes or other. But I still consider them to be
items I collect. If I had the money to buy a special model Leica, Be it a special
edition M6 or an original gold screw mount Leica, then I don't think I would
probably use them. I would consider them as a work of art. to be looked at.
Collecting and using don't necessarily clash with each other. If  one is exclusively
a user, then why by a special edition. Just buy the standard version for the
standard price and use it.

Regards,  Horst Schmidt