Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/29

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Subject: [Leica] Re:Using polarizers w/Macro Elmarit
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 16:14:30 -0700

If you can buy step down rings from B&H, why can't you get E60 filters from
B&H ???

To those of you buying step-up or step-down rings, I strongly suggest you
buy brass. B+W or Heliopan. It is very very easy to have a filter seize in
the threads of aluminum adapters (generic, Tiffen, Hoya, etc.) This can
cause you no end of grief. Yes, you can get them apart. But sometimes not
until you get home. Removal in the field is sometimes impossible.

You can be gentle. But when turning a polarizer, sometimes it's to late.

The voice of experience.

Half brassy half zincy. No foam.


At 08:57 AM 7/30/99 +1000, you wrote:
>"Anderson, Ferrel E" <> wrote:
>> If you want to use E55 filters on the Macro Elmarit, use 
>> the E60 to E55 step down ring, which is available from Tiffen
>I have one of these, bought from B+H:
>60mm to 55mm "Generic Brand" GBSDR6055 $US 14.95
>60mm to 55mm "Tiffen"        TISDR6055 $US 19.95
>> I don't know if the 60 to 55 solution results in vignetting, 
>> but this has to be checked out
>No vignetting with the APO 100mm R.
>>Your choice might be influenced by other factors, such as to
>>whether your other lenses use E55 or E60 filters?
>Precisely why I got the step-down ring.  Now I have a
>standard set of high-quality E55 filters for all my R lenses.
>Jim Brick <> added:
>>There is nothing wrong with the E60 filter size. B+W, Heliopan, & Leica
>>cover most everything in E60 and most large Leica dealers stock a good
>>supply. I've never ever had a problem getting a particular E60 filter.
>Definitely *not* the case in Australia.  :?(
>60mm filters are almost impossible to get here, and on the 
>rare occassions when you can find one, they are so expensive 
>(ie. > $AUS 250) that they aren't worth it.
>Andrew Nemeth