Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/09

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Light leak in M6?
From: (Pieter Bras)
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 08:57:11 -0400

Mark Cohen <> wrote:
>I brought out my 4800ws Speedotron Blackline power pack with a single
>head. Pointed the head at the camera w/o a lens on it. In a completely
>black room.  I popped, shot/advanced, 2pops ... etc for 16 frames, then
>added the lens and repeated..
>I developed the film (kodak 400 chromogenic film (c-41 process)..
>I had absolutely no light leaks. Clear film all the way through, and I
>even checked it on the photolab's densitometer. -- nothing.  :)

Interesting experiment, but a few Speedo pops adds up to, what, several
milliseconds of light?  Try leaving the body in direct midday sunlight
for 30 seconds.  If you want to get fancy, do it at high altitude, with
lots of snow and ice around.

>So, my M6 might be special (I kind of doubt it)
>If you are having light leaks you should have the camera checked.

Had the shutter curtains replaced last year, and noticed the same thing
before and after.  I'll conclude this with a quote from Morgan and
Lester's "Leica Manual" (13th edition, 1956).  From page 17:

"Lenses should not be changed in bright sunlight; there is a slight
possibility of fogging the film."

This also appears on page 20 of the 14th edition (1961).

>As for lens caps, I lost all of mine years ago :)  you'll hate yourself
>when you snap off the perfect picture and look down to notice that the
>lenscap was on for it :)

Agreed. I have lens caps but never use them, for this reason among others.
I just leave the shades permanently mounted on the lenses.

- -- 
Pieter Bras