Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/08

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Subject: Subject: [Leica] R-8
From: "TSL" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 20:45:35 -0400

From: Jeffcoat Photography <>

<Anyone and Everyone:  As a new (2 weeks) R-8 user I'm really concerned
by the chatter about electronics problems with it. If you'd like could
those who've had problems list them and maybe the s#'s  and purchase
dates so we can see if this is related to a certain batch of bodies or
if this is a problem that we need to talk to Germany directly about.
I've never had but one hiccup between two R-4s's in 8 yrs and one with
an R-7 (only had it for 1yr so that's no so good). All three of those
bodies were bought used so there is no telling what the R-7 went through
be for I got it, buyer beware. The R-8 is brand new and with the the yr.
passport.  Maybe what we're seeing are the shake out bugs with this
being a new creature as such. Please I really would like to hear from
the R-8 LUG'ers out there.
Cheers Wilber>

mine is 2413831, bought new June 7th 1999
- ----
Why is this...   when I had one, an R4s I used it like a throw away camera
but never had to throw it away (until I traded it).  It was treated like
junk and180/2.8 and 28/2.8 was all I used for a while and I blow these pics
up 20x24 and they are crisp and right on, no tripods 100-200asa - quick
shooting, baboons chasing me...  The R7 and 'better' lenses - I don't get
the shots as much.  I've been perplexed about this.