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Subject: Re: [Leica] Second body (NOT back-up)
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 23:03:54 +0200


For me it does. You explicitely refer to B&W only. I actually have 3 M bodies
in my bag: a chrome M6 for slides; a black M6HM for slow B&W and an M3 for
Delta 3200. Your backup body does not have to be a $1500 M6--a user M3 like
mine or another one of the earlier M models will do quite fine.


Christer Almqvist wrote:

> Does a second body significantly increase the number of good pictures?
> I am thinking of getting a second body, not as a back-up, but to load with
> a different film so that I can always shoot with the right speed film. I am
> not thinking of having one body with color and one with black and white,
> but to have b&w film in both bodies, low speed  film in one and high speed
> film in the other.
> Given the high price of bodies (at least $ 1500 for a used M6) and the low
> cost of films ($3 per film here) it probably makes more financial sense to
> use only one body and to change films even if the one in the camera has
> been only half exposed. Even if one does not put the half exposed film back
> in again, the break-even point is one thousand (!) films if each film is
> used 50%. (Yes, if you count the cost of chemicals the figure drops a bit.)
> But there is the psycological barrier against wasting film, and the
> inconvenience of changing film, and the potential loss of the picture
> opportunity while you change...
> I guess a few LUGgers have gone through this, and I would be interested to
> share their experience. It boils down to the question: Does a second body
> significantly increase the number of good pictures?
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