Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/07

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Quem's Post
From: "Roger Beamon" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 08:28:54 -0700

On 8 Jul 99, Gary Elshaw wrote, at least in part:

> Hi all,
> Quem has been a member of the LUG for quite a while, and recently sent a
> post asking for support from people here. Now whether he/she gets that
> support from members of the LUG or not is up to the individual member, in
> much the same way as the researcher who asked members to fill out the
> Leica questionaire. It is your choice.
> Many have said previously that political issues don't belong on the LUG.
> Maybe that's fair enough, but what i do resent is the response that
> Luggers have given to what i believe was a sincere request for help from
> Quem. I don't mean to pick on you Jim B, but saying you've consigned the
> poster to the realms of your " "filter-to-trash" list from now until hell
> freezes over." is a little unfair on the merits of one post.

Unfair? to whom? He's only on *Jim's* filter list, not yours. 
Doesn't Jim have the same right of choice as the readers of the 
survey request to which you refer in the previous paragraph.
> Perhaps not in Quem's defence, but from my own feelings, the people on
> this list have actually begun to mean a lot to me. And sometimes
> conversations have very little to do with Leicas and photography, for this
> i say good. And sometimes, some of us turn to, be it the LUG, people we
> feel we have an affinity with for help. For this i also say good.

I say not good. If you are making a case for the Leica-Users List 
to be a mother/father figure, and all things for your life, then, 
Gary, you really have to get a life off the list. Sure, friendships 
and all kinds of relationships will spring up as a result of 
participating on this list, but, for crying out loud, do the OT stuff 
off list. It's difficult staying congenial with topical material, let 
alone the 'open sesame' created when the topics drift into religion, 
politics and sex.

> Apologies for the longwinded 2 cents.


- --

    The precept: Judge not, that ye be not judged... is an
    abdication of moral responsibility. It is a moral blank
    check one gives to others in exchange for a moral blank
    check one expects for oneself. The moral principle to adopt
    is: Judge, and be prepared to be judged.
                 -- Ayn Rand