Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/06/20

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Just Bought M6 and 35/1.4 Asph
From: Alan Ball <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 07:36:48 +0200

Hi Jay,

Congratulations ! As you surely remember, your R8 was the first one I ever 
fiddled around with. A few weeks later I had some cerebral dysfunctionning 
and bought a R8. You are partly responsible of my plight ;-)  Did the pic I 
shot of Adela with the 80mm f1.4 in the Pré Salé restaurant ever come out ?

I do find your choice of lens/body finish combinations a bit troubling 
though ;-)

I have the Summicron Asph (black) and it is really light and compact and 
great to use....


On samedi 19 juin 1999 12:16, Jay Coleman [] 
> I guess the influence of the list finally got to me.  Today, after some
> three years on the list, and a longer time coveting an M6, and about
> five years as an R user, I broke down and purchased a 35/1.4 Asph, with
> a  titanium finish (because it was the one used one the dealer had) and
> an old black M6.  It looks pretty cool.   It's really heavy.  The 35/1.4
> Asph is a heavy lens.  I am actually wondering whether I might not be
> better off with the Summicron (Asph).  Any thoughts?  I'm planning to
> buy a silver chrome 50 Summicron as well and, sometime down the road, a
> 21 or 24 Asph.  I intend to spend the weekend shooting (oh, sorry,
> taking, I mean, making, photographs).
> Thanks for being bad influences.
> Jay Coleman