Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/04/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New User Question
From: "A.H.SCHMIDT" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:57:40 +1000 wrote:

> Hi Folks, just tuned in recently so I don't know my way around yet. If you
> have an archive bursting with info I haven't found it yet, so, thanking you
> in advance, here is my question: Does the Summaron f/3.5cm 1:3.5 require the
> "eyes" in order to focus properly on a M6 body? I have the lens (without the
> eyes) and the M6 body, but the rangefinder indication of proper focus is not
> even close to the distance indication on the lens barrel. Is this telling me
> I need the "eyes", or is it an indication of a problem?
> Thanks, Paul Connet


The Summaron 35 f3.5 was mad in two versions,
a.) with the eyes for use with the M3 cameras and
b.) without the eyes for use with the M3, M4 etc.

The M3 Summaron showed  the 50mm frame in the  view finder, whereas the M2
Summaron brought the 35mm frame up.
The focusing indication in the rang finder however,  was the same for both
lenses. If it does not focus correctly with this lens on  your camera, but other
lenses do, then the problem is with the focusing mechanism of the lens.
Something is amiss and needs looking after.
The Summaron with the eyes (for M3) will also correctly work on a M2 camera,
because, no matter which M model you use, it will bring up the 50mm frame line.
The eyes will correct this.

The 35 f3.5 Summaron's eyes can be removed, but will still bring up the 50mm
frame in the view finder.  The M3 version of the 35mm f2.8 Summaron has non
removable eyes.