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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Leica & Contax test
From: "Bruce Feldman" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 16:01:56 +0200

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From: D Khong <>

>There are many reasons why there are so many G2s in dealers' shelves but I
>do not think the camera is traded in due to major malfunction or

Yes, this appears to be true.  In my original post, I didn't mean to suggest
that there were mechanical problems with this camera.  Sorry if I left that
impression.  To the contrary, I have heard good reports concerning
reliability.  My point was as follows:  In Japan, from talking to others in
my camera club, reading the photographic press (I can read Hirigana and
Katakana, and a little Kanji), talking to shop owners, etc., I came to
understand that many purchasers were led to think that it would be an
inexpensive Leica-M.  Indeed, despite one very dubious claim to the
contrary, it was marketed as such, treated as such by the press (anyone can
verify both of *those* facts), and therefore understandably expected to be
such by many purchasers.  That is why they started to pop up on the
used-equipment shelves.

>I have many friends who have bought the G2 thinking that they now have a
>Leica M "substitute" in their hands.  Many were soon disillusioned because
>the M and the G2 are different cameras with differing strengths and
>weaknesses.  Many have traded in their G2s because the Leica was what they
>should have bought in the first place.

Amen to that.

Bruce Feldman