Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/14

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Wedding photography with M6 and Noct.
From: (Bob Keene/Karen Shehade)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 1999 09:37:15 -0500


I shoot weddings using the PMZ and a Hasselblad (sorry) and I'd say you'll
definately pick up that 'orange' cast...
my suggestion is to grab some  Ilford Delta 3200, rate it at 1600 and have
some fun. I recently shot a church talent show (just some overhead room
lights) and was shooting at f1.4-f2 @ 1/15-1/30th.
I recently brought the M4-P to a wedding I was shooting and with Delta 3200
rated at 3200 was able to do 'grab shots' available light around f2-f4  @
1/30-1/60th!! I've done no enlargements, but looking at the contact sheets,
there are some very usable images-
BTW, I processed the Delta 3200 in Xtol 1:2 at 75 degrees for 13.5 minutes.
(E.I. 3200)
If you have trouble getting Delta 3200, I would happily try to get it for you!

Bob Keene
"Everybody's Pal"

>Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 14:07:18 -0600
>From: "Richard W. Hemingway" <>
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Wedding photography with M6 and Noct.
>Thanks for the response to my post about using Neopan 1600 for my
>granddaughter's wedding reception and urging me to try either Fuji CZ Super
>G 800 or Kodak PMZ 1000.  I had decided to use the B&W film, but now find
>that it is hard to get here.  So, I am back to your suggestions.  As I
>mentioned, I had tried the G800 and liked it, but the room has no windows
>and is lighted with mostly incandescent lights.  I did take one roll of
>film there and found that it had a yellow-orange cast due to the color
>temp/film imbalance.
>How does the Kodak PMZ 1000 work in this type of lighting???  I guess in a
>worse case I could scan the negs and print them on my computer printer in
>B&W.  I haven't inquired whether any of the labs will try to correct the
>color balance in the printing.  Since I don't have my darkroom any more I
>can't either.  I took one of the negatives of the G800 and tried to correct
>the color balance, but the results were not good.
>Any other suggestions, my friend???  Will at least the Lugs don't seem to
>be trying to eat each other right now - for a while I thought we were a
>bunch of cannibals!!
>Thanks and have a great week-end