Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/03/13

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Subject: [Leica] Leica CL
From: Fred Huganir <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 23:39:13 -0500

Hello list members.  I am new to the list, and a new amateur Leica user.

Recently, I went to pick up some prints, and I saw the following in the
display case of my local camera store, and bought them for $750, with a
warranty (its a trusted and reliable store used by professionals and amatuers
alike).  I am not a collector, but just someone who likes high quality prints
and slides with compact flexible equipment.  I remembered articles about the
CL many years ago, and figured it would be a good investment.  This is an
upgrade from my long-standing Canonette 1.7 GIII, a Zeiss-Ikon I gave to my
cousin for parts, and two "throwaway" Olympus Stylus cameras (which actually
were given away as useless for except for parts).  I've preferred small
rangefinder cameras, though I've had a couple of 35mm SLR systems.

I know very little about Leicas.  I read Stephan Gandy's site on the CL, and
though I'd like to improve on the system, apparently the CL equipment I have
is about the best I can do anyway.

Body:  "Leica CL" on front.  "Leitz Wetzlar" on top.  "Mfg. in Japan for
Leitz Wetzlar" on bottom.

2 lenses:  Minolta M-Rokkor 1:2 40mm, Serial No. on filter ring;  Leitz
Wetzlar Elmar-C 1:4 90mm.  Serial No. on filter ring.

They came with no literature, no strap, and no case.  I bought a manual
online (hasn't arrived yet), and a case would just get in my way.  But I
would like to know how the strap was arranged on the unusual lugs, and where
I could get one (it doesn;t have to be original, just the correct design).

Comments and help, please?  Thanks.