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Subject: Re: [Leica] Image Editing Software Help
From: "4season" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 23:20:51 -0700

Don, by far the best deals are software+scanner bundles in which you're
essentially getting the scanner for free! $250 gets you a nice Microtek
scanner with Photoshop LE (very nice in it's own right, and upgradeable to
full Photoshop for around $300), Windows and Mac software, an Adaptec PCI
SCSI card and a 35mm transparency adaptor, which I have tested briefly, with
so-so results. Really a heck of a buy. Maybe it'd be possible to buy
Photoshop LE from a new scanner owner for $50 or so. And some versions of
Adobe Pagemill 3.0 included it (I've seen one Mac upgrade package which did,
but the versions bundled with iMacs do not)

Don't even think of paying $600 for Photoshop alone!

By the way, if you also need to upgrade your monitors, check out the
selection of refurbished products at : I
purchased a 15" Trinitron for $130, and a 20" Trinitron for $550, and both
arrived within 3 weeks and look like new. Only glitch was that the 20"
arrived with two power cables and no video cable, but at this price, I was
*not* returning it. Suffice to say that the big screen is magnificent!


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From: drbledsoe <>
>Can anyone recommend something good in image editing software?
>Hopefully something other than the $600 plus Adobe Photoshop.