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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Tele-Elmarit first and second -Reply -Reply
From: Gareth Jolly <>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 11:36:07 +1000

I'm inclined to agree.

I've only just bought the 90mm.  I took to the M6 with a 50mm immediately
though.  What I really like about it is being able to see outside the 50mm
frame.  With the 90mm I feel that I'm seeing a bit too much out of the
frame and a bit too little within.

No doubt it's just a teething problem - and would probably also be
assisted by a new glasses prescription.

Gareth Jolly

>>> "David Medley" <> 5/March/1999 10:08am >>>

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From: Gareth Jolly <>

>One thing I'm finding a little difficult to get used to (having used SLRs
>I bought my M6) is the small size of the 90mm frames.  I should say that I
>have an M6 HTM.



I don't wish to sound flippant or arrogant, but actually just the opposite.
As you just stated, you have used SLR's until just recently. In going to an
RF like the M-6, regardless of what viewfinder you might have, you will
yourself going through a tremendous change in how you view your
subjects and
this change will not come about without some degree of pain and missed

Some of us have been using rangefinders for so long that we forget
frustrating it can be when first approached, but I would urge you to hang
there and re-read my first line on a daily basis.

They do make a brightline finder for the 90 mm but after awhile you will
find it superfluous to most of your needs. You will still find a time when
the SLR makes more sense - and that's OK - just don't  go blabbing it
the neighborhood.

If you  take the time to practice, and to learn from that practice, you will
be rewarded with a delightful new (old for some of us) way of seeing
world about you.

Good luck, and you have come to the right spot on the Web with your
concerns. We do keep things in family pretty much, so come to us with
problems as the rest of the world just doesn't understand.

The rewards will be worth it!

David Medley
Whidbey Is.   WA