Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/23

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Subject: [Leica] Definition of a Professional
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:30:57 EST

I would suggest that the group decide the true definition of a PROFESSIONAL..

Is it one that earns their livlihood with their photographic skills?
Is is one that acts like a professional, whatever that means?
Is it one that has earned the respect of the community through the quality os
his/her work?
Is it one that has learned the skills of the trade and can fit those skills
into any or most assignments?
Is it one that can work with a client to establish needs and be able to
Is it one that has the highest business ethics?
Is it one that has taken his/her knowledge beyond that of peers?
Does the profession require advance education/journalist skills to qualify as
Is the title "Professional" something that is only as good as the job that you
have just completed?
Is the title "Professional" something determined by the client?
Is it all of these things, or what?

Perhaps the statement below was taken out of context and, if so, please accept
my apology.  The way that I interpreted this statement is;  " I have decided
that I am a professional and because of this I deserve to be treated as one."
Is is like me saying that I am a brain surgeon and from now on you must refer
to me as "Doctor."  I may not do too well on my surgery but that's ok I'm
still a doctor.

I would think that there is a lot of pressure being a Professional
Photographer and you must constantly prove it not only to yourself but to your
client.  I would think that it would be extremely difficult to keep yourself
"up" day-in and day-out.  Seven day work weeks are common arent't they?

I think I would have a better chance at being a brain surgeon than a
professional photographer!

Doctor Bob Bedwell
Cash Only/No Refunds

<< > I am a professional, I deserve to be treated like a professional. But
 >  *I* must treat *myself* like a professional.
 >  Bob Keene
 >  Keene Vision Photography
 >  "Creating Visions That Last A Lifetime"
 >  (and what is a "Lifetime" worth....?)
 I knew this was a 12 step group the moment I set eyes on it. ;-)