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Subject: [Leica] Professional Photographers/Fun/ Harrison McClary
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 07:26:16 EST


You gave the answer that I was hoping that you would give.   In retrospect I
would consider myself as a prostitute by working for money instead of
pleasure.    I think I was good at what I did because I had my own personal
set of very hight standards to meet.    However, I never had much fun during
those thirty years and I would never recommend it to anyone.  I am looking
foward to seeing your work and I am sure it reflects your standards.  With
your positive attitude I am sure you are tough competition.   I would love to
meet you sometime.  If you are ever in the North Carolina/Virginia/South
Carolina area on a project please let me know.  I am sure that I could talk
Dan Post into joining me for trip to meet you.

Have fun, stay happy and healthy.   Don't lose all your faith in the R8!

Bob Bedwell

 Lets  see.....The  thrill  of  looking at the film and seeing a killer
 image...yes  feels  great....immediately  lost if it never sees print.
 The  competition  with  others...yes  to  an  extent,  but  even  more
 important and a MUCH greater part of the fun is the camaraderie of the
 As a friend once described news/sports photography:
 "Its  just  a game. Hey we paid to take pictures...some days I get the
 best  shot and win, tomorrow you will take the best shot and win...but
 we are not working for a living...we are being paid to play."
 Every   day   I  thank God that I am still in the game and have gotten
 to have as many good "innings" as I have had in my career so far.
 All  in  all  what keeps me going is that it is just plain FUN
 Please  note  that nowhere did I mention money as a primary reward...I
 have  never  placed  that as the primary emphasis for my work....Yes I
 make  sure  I make enough to live on, however I put more importance on
 keeping my quality of work as high as I possibly can. I feel that if I
 do  that the money will come. If I was only interested in money I sure
 as  heck  would not have become a photographer. (no smiley here...said
 with out jest)