Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/14

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Subject: [Leica] was SummivsNocti, now M6"oldtimer!" BS!
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 13:47:20 -0800

Peter wrote:

>Opinion, remember! Everyone has one.  The Ms are nice but in reality little
>used today by the great majority of photographers.>>>>>

Hi Peter.

You are right to some degree. However, what isn't flogged out in the open
are the number of auto everything photographers who have a Leica, usually
an M6, tucked away in a pouch on the belt or in the gear bag for the
occaisons when it's the only way to get pictures.  The M6 is the quiet
moment not out in the open machine that succeeds, where the big ungainly
automatic machine gun cameras draw too much attention and make too much

Yep at any "open event" you'll see nothing but a mix of black and white
coloured Nikons and Canons, on occaision an R or M Leica. But generally any
wide open Media event is a quick and dirty quick kill situation, where the
faster the motor and autofocus the better.

<<<<Its is the pinnacle of collectibles.>>>>>>

I guess that's true alright, but it isn't the only reason for them.
Although Leica in their great wisdom continue to put "wierd commemorative"
versions out for people with fancy collecting notions and more money than
they know what to do with. If this makes a bunch of money for Leica, good
on them. It dosn't make a whit of difference for me simply because I'm
still a hard user in the type of photojournalistic work I do.

Rarely "spot news," unless Vancouver Island begins to slide into the
Pacific Ocean, then be assured I'll be shooting lots of Leica generated
images. :)

<<<<Now this is not saying its bad, and if you use it and like it good for
you.  But the majority of people I have seen in Photojournalism are using

Actually no arguement on this point. But as I mentioned above, many of
these photographers have an M6 tucked away for the right moment when it's
the only camera for successful coverage.  Not all news related
photographers are bright enough to understand this by the way!:)

<<<The M6 is the old-timers camera of yesteryear.  Yeah, I know Annie
>Leibovotz used one on Lucas' Star Wars set, so what!>>>>>>

Well now you touched my mean assed button with <old-timers camera of
yesteryear> and I bet Annie would be some pissed off with being referred to
as an "old Timer!" :)

The camera has nothing to do with "being the old timers camera of yesteryear!"

As for me they're just damn good tools, both M and R that I use quite
effectively at the tender age of a couple months short of 70. Old timer be
damned, you young twerp!   You should be so lucky when you reach this great
age of fun and hell raising!

I bet I could still drink and arm wrestle you under the table....that is
unless you're 6 feet 6 and 250 pounds.... then I take it all back! :):)
But at 6 a.m any morning you'd like to try staying with me for a two hour
power walk I'd be obliged you give it a try.:)

So let me ask, "How many working photo-projects do you have on the roll
right now and or overseas assignments between now and the year 2000? I wont
begin to list the work my assistant and I have to do! You should be so
lucky!  Don't forget the majority of the shooting time this year with my
Leicas I'll be on my way to 71! How's that for an "oldtimer using oldtime

One thing you need to keep in mind, someday I may catch-up to you on a
shoot and if I tap you on the shoulder to allow me a slight bit of room
over your head and you don't!  Well you'll find out when the moment

Old age and treachery overcomes youthful stupidy and skill! :) You may
eventually find out in a few more decades.:) Or sooner whichever comes

Old timer be damned! :)

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.