Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/02/09

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Subject: Re: [Leica] R8 woes.
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 21:03:25 -0800

Alan Ball wrote:

>Just to avoid false looking statistics, may I insist that i have
>recently bough both a R8 and a winder and that I've had ZERO problem ! I
>really enjoy the smoothness of operation of that winder and the ergonomy
>of its design.
>Same for all my M stuff: ZERO problem !!!>>>>>>

Hi Alan,

That makes two of us! But considering what appears as a long list of R8 and
winder complaints, I'll add this. my first winder wouldn't function right
out of the box and was replaced with one that worked like a charm until it
was stolen along with the R8 while in Malaysia last year.

The  replacement R8 and winder have hummed along beautifully & I still
champion the R8 as the finest Leica R camera, now I suppose there will be
people tell me I'm crazy! :)   But I've gone through about 18 or more R
cameras over the years all run with motors, so I have experience about good
bad and ugly of what worked and what didn't. The previous cameras were
replaced due to "upgrading models" and not because they broke down. (other
than one no good rotten *#*#!!%&*** R4!!  Leica replaced it!):)

I believe on the LUG as we've seen with other Leica equipment, complaints
appear over blown because of the communications medium.  How many people
bought R8's and winders that have no problem whatsoever?  We never hear
from them nor how many R8's and winders actually are floating about the
planet, so what we see on the LUG that appears as a major problem may not
be as great when considered against the world wide sales. The motor is
another story!

As I understand the company contracted to produce the motor went belly-up
just as the R8 was released, so one can't really blame Leica for that.

However, that doesn't lessen the heat on Leica for continuing to "promote
the motor" as though in boxes for shipment. This is false advertising and
if anything they'd be smart to confess the truth of where they are with it,
rather than moving the motor delivery goal posts every few months.
Certainly antagonizing many R8 owners who bought on the premise a motor
would be along shortly or that it was available. Very poor marketing

In the long run Leica continue to shoot themselves in the foot by not
explaining truthfully  what the situation is.

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.