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Subject: Re: [Leica] Dear Leica...
From: "JeffS" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 00:24:45 -0700

Mark, IMO, no one in their right mind pays such a hefty premium for their
gear unless they feel that there's some extra value to be had! It's Leica
Camera's job to give us a compelling reason for buying brand-new gear once
in awhile, and personally, I find items such as Tri-Elmars and
semi-affordable APO lenses far more exciting than rebranded Fuji and Kodak
products--creations of Leica marketing, not engineering. Not to slam
marketing, though--rebate programs, cheap financing deals (1.9% financing on
Leica gear would be very dangerous for a lot of us) and freebies can be very
powerful enticements, too :-)


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From: Mark Rabiner <>

>JeffS wrote:
>> My own question might read like this:
>> How do you retain the Leica's beloved qualities, while making it relevant
>> for tomorrow's photographers, and how are these decisions reflected in
>> Leica's newest products?
>A slightly presumptuous premise. My opinion is that just as long as they
>keep making film most Leica M's Have as much relevance for tomorrow's
>photographers as today's.