Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Variable Contrast CLH
From: Ian Stanley <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 11:57:01 +0500

Hello Bill & all,

	This green light issue on the Zone VI VC cold light head is bothering me.
When I first start things up it takes a short while for the green light to
come on but it stays on and the head is ready to print for the rest of the
session.  I have never had to wait for it to come back on while printing -
it never goes off.  I just looked through the manual that came with it and
there is no mention of this problem.  For me this unit has been very
trouble free and a pleasure to work with.  I have never used the system
with another timer so I don't know if that is what makes the difference.
In reading over the material it did say that no special timer is required.

Ian Stanley,

Kathmandu, Nepal

At 11:48 PM 99-01-26 -0500, you wrote:
>>At 08:02 AM 1/27/99 +0500, you wrote:
>	I have used the Zone VI VC cold light head with the Zone VI Compensating
>>Enlarger Timer and have experienced absolutely none of the problems that
>>Bill experienced.  I am not sure what the difference was in our setups but
>>I certainly do not go through a warm up period before each exposure.  All
>>exposures are identical with no lamp head drift and when making multiple
>>prints all are identical.  Perhaps the timer makes the difference.
>Very interesting Ian. And perplexing. Zone VI and Calumet continue to
>submit that no special timer is required for the VC head. So presumably you
>do not need the Compensating timer. Indeed, the Compensating timer was
>designed to "read" the brightness output of one lamp, not two.
>>I certainly do not go through a warm up period before each exposure.
>I went through two heads and had the same problem of having to wait for the
>green ready light. 
>In light of these discussions, and differing experiences, I suggest that
>anyone interested in the Zone VI VC head call or e-mail them with
>questions. Ask specifically about timers and printing proceedures, perhaps
>electrical service requirements. But if I had $1000 burning a hole in my
>pocket I would put it toward a Summicron. 
>Bill Franson