Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/20

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Subject: Re: [Leica] 39mm FLD Filter??
From: Donal Philby <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 14:35:14 -0800

Well, thanks all for the info on lenses.  

I did call Singh Ray and spoke to Dr Singh yesterday.  He said he could
put his original FLD (a formula Tiffen tried to match) or his new FLD2
(balanced for newer Ecktachromes) into a 39mm ring if available.  He
said he might be able to get the rings from Tiffen if ordered in at
least 15 quantity.  He suggested combing camera stores for used 39s that
can be cannibalized.  Cost to cut and mount, excluding the ring: $68.

The Singh Ray FLD includes a 30mm plus other selected color spikes
appropriate for modern florescents.  

He said it would work with a Plus Green Rosco, but that for true
correction a bit of blue (480 to 530 decamirads to be imprecise).  I
told him I have a Balcar 7inch Flor Green filter (but only one) to fit
the Balcar 7 inch reflector and he said that is still the best and that
I can use that to combine Roscos to match.  If and when I do that, will
post results.

His "Galen Rowell" graduated neutral densities are $99 each, four
available.  I mentioned that my Cokins are green and he said that they
can also be red and blue, depending on the batch you get, but that his
are dead neutral.  

So there we are.  Still without a simple source of a filter that is
needed to correct for most of the artificial lighting in the industrial
(and probably non-industrial) world to be used on the most popular
filter size for Leica.  

- -- 
Donal Philby
San Diego