Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/01/14

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Saunders enlargers
From: Harrison McClary <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 23:56:34 -0600

Thursday, Thursday, January 14, 1999, Robert G. Stevens wrote:

> The clerk may have been partly right about Saunders not making enlargers.
> I believe they are marketed under the LPL trade name now.

Well,  that  may be, but every dealer I have talked to has referred to
them  as  Saunders  and  on  the  Saunders  site  they  are  listed as
Saunders/LPL.   I  just  think  he had never heard of them.  Up till 2
months ago I had never heard of them either.

It  was  not  the naming  of the enlarger I was referring to, it was the
attitude  I  was getting from the sales person.  Saunders does not make
the  enlarger,  I  know  this,  they import it from England.  BUT they
sell it with their name on it.

Just  because the sales person had never herd of it did not give him an
excuse   to   treat   me like an idiot.  As my dad used to say "I may be
dumb, but I ain't stupid."  :)

BTW  the  saunders looks like a very nice enlarger...I think I may get
one  with  the  VCCE (Variable contrast constant exposure) head when I
redo  my  dark  room  later  this year. The best lab in town for color
printing, and digital work, says they are the best work horse standard
enlargers  they  have used, excluding ZBE, but I can't afford the ZBE.
The ZBE is in a league to itself.

Best regards,
 Harrison McClary
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