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Subject: Re: [Leica] R8 flash
From: "James R. Nelon" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:03:05 +0800

I use the 40MZ-2 with the SCA3501 on my R8's and have found the combination
excellent, especially when dialing in a -1&2/3 fill flash setting. The light
coming from the flash is usually just the right amount to provide a bit of
sparkle on the skin and a catch light in the eyes of the subject. I haven't
figured out what's wrong sometimes when I'm shooting in open shade or lower
light and I get a "hi" sign in the R8 viewfinder indicating that the flash over
lit the scene. When I examine the resulting slide, the viewfinder was right, the
flash over flashed the scene. I can't figure out why. If I want -1-2/3 light,
why won't the flash give me that? Leica wants me to send both the flash and the
R8 to them in Solms for examination, probably giving them up for a month or so,
something I can't do.

Except for that problem, the combination is really nice. The 40MZ-2 zooms out to
85 mm, either manually set on the back of the flash or via autozoom if your
lenses are ROMed. The 40MZ-3 zooms farther, perhaps to 105 mm, but I don't
remember for sure. There may be other improvements in the -3 as well.

I also use a SCA3007A which is an adapter and cable that allows the flash unit
to be mounted off camera. I mount the flash on a Stroboframe to get it up high
enough to reduce/eliminate red eye. The setup works for all lens lengths except
for 250 mm, which for all intents and purposes at that focal length, the flash
is too close to on-axis to eliminate red eye.

Good luck.
Jim Nelon

Robert E. Woods wrote:

> Hi, I have an R8 for which I am interested in purchasing a new (to me) flash
> unit.  I want one that will take advantage of all of the R8's TTL flash
> capabilities.
> I am thinking of purchasing a Metz 40MZ-2 with SCA 3501 adapter, but have a
> few questions for anyone knowledgeable.
> 1.  What is the difference between a Metz 40MZ-2 and the newer MZ-3 or MZ-3i
> models?
> 2.  Will a 40MZ-2 with SCA 3501 adapter take full advantage of the R8's TTL
> flash capabilities?
> 3.  Is there any other unit to consider?  I am on a budget and cannot afford
> to pay more than about $200.
> 4.  Does anyone have an MZ40-2 or 3 they want to sell cheap?
> Thanks,
> Robert E. (Bob) Woods
> 28 North Deep Lake Road
> North Oaks, MN 55127-6506
> 651-484-0931 (home)
> (home e-mail #1)
> (home e-mail #2)

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James R. Nelon
Hong Kong, China