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Subject: Re: [Leica] What REAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Drink
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 07:46:26 -0800

Bob wrote:

>I didn't know that you were a scotch lover.    I never acquired a taste for
>scotch until I tried McCallans 18.    It was great until I was given a bottle
>of McCallans 25 and I sipped on it for a whole year.  I can't justify the
>price of it but the memory of the taste  is just like it's in my hand heading
>for my mouth.>>>>>>>>>>>
>I'll buy a bottle if you will share it with me....twist your arm?

Hi Bob,

A gentleman of class, Leica's and a fine McCallan 25! :)

Here's a suggestion to have "someone else buy it for you! :)

A doctor friend asked if I would do a shoot of he and his crew during a
somewhat delicate operation which included a bunch of hardware that made
the OR look like  a Star trek set.

He offered to pay me and I refused saying, "Give me a bottle of single malt
scotch some day."  A couple of days later he turned up with a wooden box
enclosing a bottle of 25 year old McCallan. It was the first time I'd
actually held one.  Some what like the first time you fondle a new Leica.
:)  Just so folks can appreciate the dollar value in Canadian..... $205.00.
for the pleasure of drinking this nectar of the gods! Now you know why Bob
took a year to sip it!

So the next time you go to your doctor or you know any doctors who might
like their pictures taken while doing their thing, get them to "pay you" in
McCallan 25 single malt! :)  You'll still only drink it a tiny dram at a
time. :)

In the OR best to use the M during the quieter moments of deep
concentration. After that's over you can rattle away with motor drives. :)


Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.