Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/12/06

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Subject: [Leica] M6 Neophyte-Focus Questions
Date: Mon, 07 Dec 98 01:31:42 GMT

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to "ask first and forget the archives." 
(I hesitated initially, since, at a web site that I frequent, individuals are 
often chastised for asking a question that could have been answered by doing a 
search.) In reading all of the focus alignment posts, I've become a bit 
nervous, since I, too have found that focusing is more of a challenge with the 
M6 than with my SLR system. I had been attributing this step in the learning 
curve to the fact that I wear glasses and am used to using an eyecup on my F5; 
seems as if I'm sometimes contending with extraneous light bouncing around in 
the M6 viewfinder. For those of you who acquired the M6 after primarily using a 
SLR, did you find that it took awhile to become accustomed to M6 focusing 
(especially in low light)? Just how pervasive is the misalignment problem? I 
plan to do the tripod test as soon as my RRS plate arrives; however, in the 
meantime, should I be concerned about alignment problems, or am I experiencing 
normal challenges inherent in a system change?  

Thanks for any advice,

Sandy (who's already trying to decide which lens to order next....)