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Subject: Re: [Leica] metering in low light
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 07:45:18 +0100

Hi Howard,

I know you state that you prefer analogue, but you might consider the
Sekonic L-508. It is brilliant in low light, both because of its
sensitivity and also because its display lights up automatically when it
is dark, enabling you to actually see the readout. It is a combined
incident and spot meter, with the spot metering angle variable from 1 to
4 degrees. I bought mine to accompany the M3 and have been very pleased
with the results.


Howard Sanner wrote:

>    Ted's mention of using the Noctilux in "available darkness"
> reminded me of something I've been wondering about for a while.
> What do you folks use for metering in low light conditions? I
> need to get something to use with my M3 that will be better in
> this regard.
>    I prefer an analog meter to a digital. I've been looking at
> the Luna-Pro F, because it would be easy to use with the zone
> system and has a 7- & 15-degree attachment available. Any
> thoughts about this or alternatives? I'd like, for example, to be
> able to meter the U.S. Capitol dome after dark and get an
> accurate exposure without having to bracket like mad.
>    Thanks.
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