Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/12/01

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Subject: Re: [Leica] metering in low light
From: Kip Babington <>
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998 22:34:46 -0600

Howard Sanner wrote:
> . . .
>    I prefer an analog meter to a digital. I've been looking at
> the Luna-Pro F, because it would be easy to use with the zone
> system and has a 7- & 15-degree attachment available. Any
> thoughts about this or alternatives? I'd like, for example, to be
> able to meter the U.S. Capitol dome after dark and get an
> accurate exposure without having to bracket like mad.

I share your preference for analog meters.  I've had the Luna Pro SBC
for many years (I think it's the same as the F without flash capability)
and the 7.5/15 degree attachment.  It is a wonderful meter, although
rather large, and it meters instantly (no warm up or automatic battery
check) when you press the button.  The only downsides are, first, to use
the viewer on the narrow angle attachment you look down as with a TLR,
not straight through, so what you see is reversed left and right (you
just have to get used to that),  and you basically have to use it at
chest to waist level.  This is sometimes a problem (and trying to use it
over your head will drive you absolutely nuts, as things are both
backwards and upside down.)  And second, for landscape-type shooting 7.5
degrees isn't all that narrow.  Whether you can reliably meter the
Capitol dome at night will depend on how far back you're standing. 
OTOH, I'm not sure there's an analog spot meter with any narrower angle
of view.  My bottom line is that if I were to get rid of some of the
many light meters I have, the Luna Pro would be among the last to go.

Best of luck with the decision.