Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/30

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Boom, Boom, Back Again
From: Oddmund Garvik <>
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 04:02:38 +0100 (MET)

At 19:03 29/11/1998 -0800, Ted wrote:

>How was the grape crop this year? Did you get a good wine making harvest?

Fine, something like 1995. But you know I have someone taking care of that. 
(I let my vineyards to another one, that's my only steady income now.)

>Most importantly, what have you been shooting with your Leica's?

I had planned to go to Mali and Burkina Faso continuing my work on the 
refugee problem. But I got some administrative problems down there, and also 
lost one of my contacts. He simply disappeared. Someone told me that he was 
lost at sea between Morocco and Spain. I don't know. I went to Algeciras and 
Tarifa for a week, but didn't touch a camera. Just waiting. 

In April I went to Lebanon, almost twenty years after. No real project. Only 
ghost hunting and curiosity. I'll write about that later.  

>I was busy in Malaysia for a couple months, got an R8, winder and 35-70
>stolen. But other than that it's been calm and quiet.  I've been busy
>working the M's on various things around the mother country and looking to
>shoot mainly on overcast and soft light days.

I am sorry about your R8, I remember how you were "dancing" around that one! 
Will you have another one? You know I am not into SLR's. I have still got a 
Nikon FM with a couple of lenses, but I haven't touched it for years. I feel 
like a blind behind such cameras. And they are far too heavy. I am mostly 
walking when I am out...

>Trying to capture that northern European light on Canada's wet west coast.
>:) I'm getting the overcast light alright, but it's the rain that's
>screwing up the film exposing and getting the Leica's out in the constant
>wet. Particularly when I'm playing!:)

I have almost forgotten the northern light. I haven't been in Norway for a 
long time. Here in the Loire Valley the light is different, sometimes 
beautiful, bringing up wet "Chinese landscapes". The winter is joining us 
once again, and I am chopping wood. It is nice being quiescent beside the 
wood stove when you are getting older. Winter camp is waiting time in war 
and in peace. Even for a photographer.  

>If it were "paying time" then wet would matter, as I'd be making money to
>replace the gear if it completely crashed.

I am going to Macedonia in January, or February. I am not worrying too much 
about the cameras. Mine are quite cheap, you know. But it would be a pity 
loosing them, coming back with lots of non-exposed films. 

I wonder for how long time I will go on with this. I am almost fifty, and I 
am still running around to survive like a young man starting up a career. I 
lost everything, yes, but it's nothing compared to all the misery I have seen. 
Compared to those in Honduras and Nicaragua these days for instance. I have 
a house. I have vineyards. A good wife and children. Happiness. I have 
Leicas, a bicycle, a brain, and a heart. And eyes, a bit tired now... What 
more do you need?
>Good to have you back and I look forward to hearing of your camera exploits.