Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/30

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Subject: [Leica] 21mm S/A metering mod
From: Jeremy Kime <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 19:31:51 -0000

Got the lens back today, it meters.
I think the suggestion that it would only be a 1/3 of a stop is generous, so
far it seems to be about a stop, haven't put any film through it yet but if
I can end up relying on it being a stop then thats a nice round number to
deal with and still cheaper than getting that new Elmarit-M ASPH.
I'll try and test some different apertures on the metering tomorrow.


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> From:	jesse []
> Hi -
	Cool that you made use of the notch mod on the Super-Angulon. I
> use mine all the time and it's really neat. Now let's see... there's the
> little thing about metering accuracy, which used to concern me when I
> shot chromes - now I don't notice because I just use color negs. But
> what you'd  probably find (and I think it's in my page) is that the eye
> is blocked just a nick when the lens is focused close - it's enough for
> about a 1/3 stop under or maybe more. So you focus out to meter. 
	I  ended up just setting the film speed dial to -1/3 (1 click down)
> compensate.
> With negs I don't notice anything though - I'm using a Leaf-45 to scan
> everything now and the colors are really nice. Can't do any more slide
> shows though...:(
> Someday I'll put actual photos of the mod on updated pages. i'm curious
> - how did you have it done? Do you have any images of the finished
> product?
> - Jesse
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