Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/29

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Subject: [Leica] Leica Ads, was: Re: Leica's Development ... and: Why R sales down...
From: Lucien <>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998 00:23:26 +0100

Thomas J. Donovan wrote:

> Even more discouraging, given the superlative array of M
> optics, why didn't rangefinder sales increase?

Ted wrote:(about a new Nikon SP)

> "Why we could even create an incredible demand using the
> nostalgia thing and the unobtrusiveness of a rangefinder camera."

Mike Dembinski wrote: (about the same hypothetical Nikon SP)

> And the heritage - from Korea to Johnson-era Vietnam, the PJ's tool of choice.

(In Vietnam, I think it was more the Nikon F + Leica M combination.
but the use of that heritage will be a little bit cynical IMO)

Tom, Ted and Mike,

Once again, I think that Leica PR don't use at all their assets 
(nostalgia, glorious past, new lenses, Apo, Asph. etc..) in
advertisements and PR.
I don't think the current ads (Leica M6 TTL on a orange/black
background, etc) 
will ever help the sale of one single camera (the opposite may be true)

A pity.

Maybe they don't because the perfect design of a M3 or M4 compared with 
the M6 TTL's look on the same advert will only boost the price of old
M2/3/4 instead 
of M6 TTL sales.
;-)  or   :-(   depending of your mood.

Let start a silly flame: IMO, if the M2/3/4 are like (young) Ladies, the
M6 TTL - 
with its red dot, black line around the frames illumination window and
both its black
plastic anti-rub inserts - is a little bit ordinary (to say the least). 
(specially in chrome)
To much lipstick and eye make-up !
(Personnal message: Walt, if you want to put this in other words that 
you have the secret of, please be my guest)

If you don't believe me, put those cameras side by side.

BMW and Audi offer in Europe the possibility to remove the emblem or the
model designation from the trunk. To bad Leica don't do the same with
the dot.

I don't know who was behind the M6J design, but that person or team
understood what a Leica M should look like (and be).

OK, I'm maybe in a snobby mood this evening, but:

J'en profite avant qu'Oddmund ne me donne mauvaise conscience. ;-)
Bienvenue Oddmund. Vous devez etre le premier a generer autant de
messages avant d'avoir ecrit un mot. Un record.
(Je me demande ce que vous avez contre les fleuristes ?)
Enfin, grace a vous (ou aux autres) ce message un peu futile passera 
probablement totalement inapercu.

Good night,

NO ARCHIVE (for what it worth)