Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Oddmund
From: (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 12:51:14 -0800

James Harper wrote:

<<<<Excuse me, but who is Oddmund? >>>>>>>

Alex Hurst in response wrote:

>He's a gent (?) who has a distinct political agenda. And extremely boring
>with it.
>Also noted in the past for creating mayhem on the LUG, and then walking
>away from it.
>James - you can take it or leave it.>>>>>>>>

alex and james:

Well Oddmund's a character alright, here's a few more things:

He was a member of the Norwigen military and served in the UN Forces in a
number of the worst hell hole countries UN forces get stationed.

He had his life time of photography, ie: all his negatives, camera gear and
everything else, destroyed in a fire while it was in storage.

He has travelled (as civilian) and photographed through many parts of the
empovrished parts of the world. That's enough to twist anyones mind.

Likes Leica, but hates the perceived "materialistic side" of owning it. And
as far as I know, he doesn't own one.

He does have a strange side to his political agenda.."major left leaning!"
I guess in open terms, "Communist" and flogs the concept of it. Which as
Alex says,  <<<<<<"And extremely boring with it.">>>>>>>

He has in the past started some pretty wild eyed threads that created
absolute chaos on the LUG, then walked away leaving many of us in mental
chaos! Some wanting to do physical things that are against the law, if we
could find him! :)

He has, in our way of thinking and beliefs, a very anti-western world
attitude to having things we have worked very hard to acquire. But in his
mind we shouldn't have them, simply because he sees this as materialistic
and uncaring for  millions? billions? of people who do not have the same
opportunities we do.

One would have to wonder if his military time in the lousy locations of the
world, as well as the great loss of his lifes photo work to date of the
fire, haven't twisted his outlook on life completely out of context to

As you can see from this post as others, Oddmund is a strange kinda guy! So
basically "be prepared" like a good boy scout. Either keep the delete key
handy or duck! :)

I don't think anyone has won a word battle with him, I know I didn't!
Called him alot of things, but that didn't win anything but relieve my
frustration a miniscule amount.

I learned my lesson," 'tis better to delete than stomp yer feet! And go

Ted Grant
This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler.