Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/26

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Subject: [Leica] Reflex/Retro Analogy
From: "Thomas J. Donovan" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 00:20:03 -0500

Alan Ball,

>>Would you pay three times as much for Win 3.1/486<<
                >>...........gizmo charged Win 98/PII<<

Absolutely not! However, let me re-clarify what I was trying 
to say; I don't always express myself clearly.

I'd discovered, that when working strictly with the LUG &
Photoforum, it was more efficient with Win3.1/CS2.5 than
NT/CS4.01. However, I bought NT/CS4.01 to do a greater
variety of tasks ( key point coming up;-) & would expect it
do certain tasks less efficient.  I found one path ;-)!

In a sense, with computing issues, I would only pay more
to do a greater variety of tasks. With photography, I would
only pay more, where the glass is the critical path, to get
at optimal images. Rich camera body features are not
as important; i.e, the R8s features are more than enough.

I think your point of view is that; "are the Leica optics worth
a N Xs greater cost than other glass for a ( N -? ) increase
in optical performance"? Here, it becomes subjective for 
for each individual, as to what they're willing to pay for a
particular cost/perform. ratio. R-optics are getting close!

Thus, Alan, it's clear your very rational viewpoint would have
a hard time with my/others "obsessions" to get glass to 
"wring" out that last "perceived" delta of image quality. 

Heavens, at times, I've had thoughts of getting a new
Nikon F100/85 f1.4 AF-D Nikkor just to get the latest
& greatest camera technology........& get great shots.

However, my  Leica "obsession" pervades (&>) ! No 
offense intended for all of the great Nikkor lenses.

As I always say ( & it's a quote from a Jesuit priest on his
death bed ); Life is short, eat ice cream, worry less ( & I've
added ), Buy Leica apo glass (&>) !  Besides, why do you
think we're called LUGnuts (&>)!

Hopefully I've been able to clarify!

Tom D.