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Subject: [Leica] subjectivity rules?
From: Jeremy Kime <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 16:26:59 -0000

You do have defenders out here.

Though we are many, we all share in the one camera system, we take this
camera as a belief in what it can bring to our photography. But some people
buy it for the objective criteria that are likely to be irrefutable, micro
contrast, macrocontrast, lpm etc. and some buy it for the subjective reasons
of ergonomics, quietness, aesthetics and psychological satisfaction etc. 

I'm sure the majority (if not all) of the 'subjective preference' owners
recognise the great reputation of Leica is built on its image quality. That,
to them, gives them a guarantee that the lens is going to be the least of
their worries. To them, or more specifically me, the look of the finished
picture is more important than the technical quality of that image.

I do, however, enjoy Erwin's postings as much as, say, yours and it serves
to inform me that there are good reasons for having bought into this brand.
Realistically, I cannot afford to replace my, largely, 60's lens collection
with one from the 90's. I would rather have the wider choice of lenses than
the better technical quality. 

It does occur to me that an awful lot of correspondence on this list takes
the form of trying to persuade someone else to take the same stance as the
protagonist, surely we are capable of agreeing to disagree?


Because I can't resist a gag, "Do I get lower contrast if I'm less that 6
feet tall?"

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Thomas Pastorello []
> The
> traditional Leitz lenses are contrasty enough and have high enough
> resolution (I don't want to be much taller than 6 feet), I focus on their
> special qualities (we strive in our lives for better character, not
> greater tallness).
>    Do I have any defenders out there?  
> Tom P.