Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/11/21

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Subject: Re: [Leica] JB, filters, flames, and technique
From: Dan Cardish <>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 13:58:14 -0500

For me it is mainly pyshological, I guess.   The M leica in my eyes is
unique,  and I enjoy using it, probably for just this reason.  There are no
other camera like it, so I can rationalize away the costs of the bodies and
lenses.   When I consider using R Leicas, as fine as they are, I start
asking myself, "Here is a camera that is basically like my Minolta or Nikon
( and from a purely technical point of view is one or two generations
behind), yet costs 3 times as much".  I know, I know, the R optics are
great, but I am just rationalizing why the R series will never really make
sense for me.   If I had no SLRs, and were starting from scratch, I would
probably place Leica R high on my list, but then I would probably go for a
Nikon F4 (the F5 doesn't really appeal to me).  Incidently, I am
considering the new Minolta 9, when it becomes available next year, mainly
because I am heavily invested in Minolta optics already, and Minolta has
announced a 200 macro.  But the M6 does remain my default camera.

At 11:19 AM 21-11-98 -0600, Eric wrote:
>I can't understand people who own a whole brace of different
>brands, who then think us R users strange. I would have a heck of a time
>jumping between different camera lines all the time. I like simplicity of
>use, and Leica R and M together are the best going combination for me.