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Subject: RE: [Leica] RE:Mungo Park
From: Jim Laurel <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:37:46 -0800

Mungo Park (the online adventure mag), was named after the intrepid
explorer.  Jeffrey, you're showing your good taste by knowing who he was!
Anyway, Mungo was a great project that should have been given more of a
chance to succeed than it had.  Microsoft just decided that it was out of
the content business one day, and the axe fell on Mungo in short order.  We
had a lot of firsts at Mungo:

- --First live chat from space with STS-81 shuttle mission
- --First surround video from inside shuttle in orbit
- --First live chat from underwater with Jean Michel Cousteau
- --First linear retrace of the Magi journey (that we know of)
- --Discovery of Cala Atasperistan, the famed "castle of the fire worshippers"
that Polo describes in "Travels", by Dr. Paul William Roberts

To keep this on topic, many of us who photographed "LiveExs" (Live
Expeditions, as we called them) used Leica M6s -- the ultimate expedition

- --Jim

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From: Jeffrey Hausner []
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Subject: [Leica] RE:Mungo Park

Mungo Park???  The explorer who went down the Niger in the 18th Century?  Is
there another Mungo Park lurking?  All Mungo Park fans who haven't should
read Tom Boyle's "Water Music," a great novel.  Keeping on topic, if Mungo
Park had better equipment, he wouldn't have been lost on his expedition.


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> Jim:
> Also, I bookmarked Mungo Park and look
> forward to going through this site.   Looked very interesting.
> Thanks very much,
> Bob Bedwell
> Greensboro, NC