Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/10/28

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Off Topic B & H photo
From: "Jack F. Matlock" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 21:28:21 -0500

On the whole I have gotten good service from B&H, and I have 
done a fair amount of business with them.  However, I don't 
think it is proper to charge for backlisted items and I imagine 
if you call this to their attention they will credit your 
account for the amount until the goods are actually shipped.

Despite my generally positive experience (rapid shipment) I have 
had two unpleasant incidents, both of which were eventually 
corrected.  Several years ago I ordered an R-5 with the 50mm 
Summicron when I thought it was on special.  The order was 
taken, but a few hours later they telephoned to say that the 
special offer had expired and the unit ordered would cost 
several hundred dollars more.  I cancelled, then was annoyed to 
find the charge on my next credit card bill. I called them and 
pointed this out and they credited the charge immediately. 
 Nevertheless, I did no business with them for two or three 

A few months ago I ordered a Minox 35 and specifically asked for 
the USA warranty.  I was charged for this, not the lower gray 
market price, and I returned it for replacement with what I 
ordered.  When I got the replacement, I found that though it was 
a different camera, it was also gray market.  I called customer 
service in high dudgeon and the lady I dealt with had a 
FedExpress messenger at my door in 20 minutes.  The third time 
they got it straight.

These are the only two problems I have had out of 25 to 30 
orders.  Normally when something is out of stock they tell you 
that on the telephone, and when  items have been backordered I 
have been charged only when they were shipped.

By all means complain, and let us know how you come out.


[On October 28 Ernest Nitka wrote:]

- ----------
Howdy -  It's amazing how a small thing really bugs me.  I 
ordered a batch
of film from B and H photo.  10 out of the total of 30 rolls was 
ordered.  They charged my card for the total and not the 20 
rolls that were
sent.  I don't think this is right - anyone else on the LUG know 
legalities of charging for back ordered material?