Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/10/14

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Subject: [Leica] print papers & nudistry
From: Erwin Puts <>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 22:15:19 +0200

Someone asked:
>Would anybody suggest which Fiberbased & resin coated B & W paper is the

I indeed did a test (with the usual densitometric analyses) of all recent
papers   of some major brands (fiber based and RC coated): Agfa, Ilford and
My conclusion: all papers can be exposed and developed with carefull
control to exquisite quality. Agfa and Ilford produce very dense blacks
(d=2,20) and even have fine separation of shadows in areas around d=1.90.
The Kodak philosophy is a bit different as they believe a maximum black of
about d=2,00 is all that the discerning eye can see. Indee in practical
siutautions that difference might be only just noticeable.
My most important conclusion however is this: the choice of film and the
contrast range/density of the negative are imperative for the choice of
paper and grade. Here half a grade wrong spoills all. Agfa paper is a bit
difficult to tune but once mastered gives excellent results with high
sharpness impression. The Kodak excells at fine shadow diferrentiation and
Ilford has a smooth tonal range and very fine high light separation. Its
sharpness impression ofthe FB papers is a bit less than from the other two
My advice: use all three papers and choose the paper for effect and
negative denstity range and contrast.

No best choice here.

On the artistry of nudes by Mr Hughes, his introductory positional
statement and the overwhelming responses, I would like to say this: anyone
is entitled to his opinion and his visual expression of this opinion. We
are no judges and no impeachement on this list. We lost already some fine
contributors to this list because we have not been able to restrain
ourselves and show that finest of human capabilities: tolerance and a bit
compassion. If someone is proud of his pictures, ideas or position, let
him/her do as he/she likes to. I am not in the least offended are wounded
as I am told I am too technical and do not understand a byte of real arts
And if I do not like someones pictures Ido  not feel entitled to comment or
condemn.Silence is sometimes well spoken.