Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/20

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Lens Cleaning
From: Don McClure <>
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 19:43:39 -0000

>I copy you a message that, on April 98, Don Mc Clure posted to the list
>about the topic you are interested in.I never tried it,though.
>I don't know about Summarits, but I did dismantle and clean my "free" 
>Summar last week. It had big chunks of black paint floating around in it
>between the two main lens groups. (SNIP)

Hello All,

I was going to post the Summar disassembly story myself, but I lost it 
when my email database crashed a few months ago. Thanks Ernesto!

I just want to add that the process isn't as difficult as it sounds, if 
you have the correct tools. The problem with my Summar was stuff between 
the two main groups. According to Laney, Summars are six elements, with 
the middle four cemented into two separate pairs. The rear three elements 
are mounted together in one unit that unscrews easily. I didn't need to 
take apart the front three elements, so I don't know how it is done. 
There are not spanner notches in the front mount of my Summar (No. 
407357--from 1937--for those of you who like full serial numbers). Maybe 
you can get in by taking off the aperture ring.

But maybe you shouldn't worry about how cloudy your Summar is and just 
enjoy it as is. Front element problems sometimes don't interfere with a 
lens' performance that dramatically, other than causing flare and 
lowering contrast. I didn't really see much improvement in mine after I 
removed the chunks of black paint. It is pretty sharp at f6.3-f9. Wider 
than f4.5, it is quite soft and lovely, with a good deal of vignetting 
wide open. Colors are a little desaturated (even Velvia), but the lack of 
contrast with B&W can be adjusted somewhat if you do your own souping.

I need a hood for my Summar, but haven't been able to locate a SOOMP. 
Does anybody have one for sell, or know of a substitute? 

Don McClure
Leica Cheapskate, Reactionary and Long Time LUG Lurker
(I wouldn't buy a 35 1.4 ASPH even if I could afford it. Maybe someday 
I'll get an old version 35 Summilux if enough of you people upgrade and 
drive the prices down.)