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Subject: RE: [Leica] M6 or R6.2?
From: Jim Laurel <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:02:16 -0700

I use both of these cameras actively.  It's unfair to compare them side by
side, because they are intended for different purposes.  Your choice will
depend on your style of photography and the nature of your intended
An M6 system is light, compact, and fairly versatile.  It's my first choice
when traveling for pleasure.  For available light shooting, it is a better
choice then the R 6.2 because there is less vibration and the M lens line
happens to have (for the moment) some outstanding lenses for this purpose,
notably the 1.4/35mm Summilux ASPH.  SLR-mechanism-related camera shake
seems quite high with the R6.2 -- seemingly higher than with the EOS1n.  Of
course, it goes without saying that the M6 is a paragon of low-vibration,
which makes it ideal for hand-holding at low shutter speeds.
The R system, on the other hand, has many capabilities the M system does
not.  While the M lens line has benefitted from a spate of class-leading
fixed fical length lenses recently, the R system has been getting some of
the world'd best zooms and macro lenses.  And there's no question that an
SLR gives you better control over composition.  If you shoot landscapes and
use graduated filters, an R camera is the right choice.  For sports, fast
action, etc., again R is the better choice.
I keep an M6 system with 21/35/50/90 lenses.  The R6.2 has the 35-70 f4
vario and the 80-200 f4 vario.  When I want to travel compact yet have a
good range of lenses, I take this combination.  It all fits nicely in a
Billingham 225 bag.
If the shoot requires really long telephotos with fast breaking action, I
generally leave the R system home and carry a Canon EOS1n instead, with the
17-35L, 28-70L, and 70-200L.  Though I know the die hard R fans will contest
this, it's tough to beat the speed and responsiveness of an EOS1n with these
lenses.  Even when I'll be shooting predominantly with the EOS, I still pack
an M6, especially for low-light work.
So, you see the R vs M comparison is one of "apples and oranges".  Use the
right tool for the job at hand.
- --Jim Laurel

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From: Bo Fan []
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 1998 12:44 AM
To: Leica Users
Subject: [Leica] M6 or R6.2?

To Mr. Eric Welch, 

Do you think the photographic fans would prefer a Leica M, just like the
real computer fans prefer a Mac but not Windows? 
I am a novice to photography, in several weeks I have to decide what I
should buy, an M6 or a R6.2. Now I have a Nikon 90x, so I don't think I need
another auto R8. I'd like to forcus more on landscape photos. Could you or
any other persons could give me some suggestions? 


Eric Welch wrote: 
BUT, don't mistake the fact that lots more people tend to prefer the M to 
the R to be any kind of comment on the quality of the optics.