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Subject: Re: [Leica] SS reels and tanks - question on JOBO processor
From: "Bryan Willman" <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 10:35:32 -0700

The "manual" jobo rotaries (cpe still?)  do very
consistent automatic agitation, and very good
temp control.

The automatics (an ATL for example) are a light
year ahead, both in machine consistent timing
and pouring of stuff, and in convience.

BTW - jobo plastic reels are like any other
plastic real, pretty easy to load after practice
unless they are wet, in which case it's
impossible.  I have a whole bunch.


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From: Douglas McLernon <>
To: LEICA <>
Date: Monday, September 07, 1998 2:06 AM
Subject: [Leica] SS reels and tanks - question on JOBO processor

>I use ss reels and either ss or plastic tanks. Marc is right the English
>reels are worth the difference. SS reels are like riding a bicycle, once
>learned never forgotten Use old film and practice in the light, the with
>your eyes closed and THEN in the dark.
>I still have a Kodak apron wrap tank (apparently still made) that I use to
>introduce new photo enthusiasts to developing film.
>Someone said that SS tanks transferred heat quicker than plastic. I think
>not. SS is a very poor conductor of heat but very good at resisting
>corrosion. That's why ss saucepans have copper or aluminum bottoms and the
>very good ones have a inner core of copper or carbon steel, and the best
>silver. (we're talking Leica type priced  saucepans here - cooking is
>almost as expensive a hobby)
>Second part concerns the manual Jobo processors for B&W, c-41 and E6. Since
>the chemicals are changed by hand is there any real advantage over tanks in
>a temp. controlled water bath?