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Subject: [Leica] Re: Antw: Re Question on Leica slide projector
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 15:57:28 +0200

Hi Pascal,

I realise now that I had simply misunderstood Pieter Krigee when I discus=
projector choice with him. He has since sent me a longer e-mail, which I =
posted on
the LUG a few days ago, with a fuller explanation of the differences amon=
g the
various projectors.

I ended up with the 600 and the Colorplan 2.5/90 CF, and I am extremely p=
with the performance of the setup.


Pascal wrote:

> >According to a Leica dealer in Amsterdam, where I recently bought my P=
> >P600, the P150 is Leica's "consumer grade" projector and does not acce=
pt the
> >better lenses such as the Colorplan 2.5/90.
> Your dealer is in error, Nathan. The P150 is a fine projector. Although=
> as robust as the other -and far more expensive- projectors, it is a fin=
> performer. It came out as a top buy in both Chasseur d'Images and Photo
> R=E9ponses. You can mount the Colorplan-P2 90/2.5, Colorplan-P2 90/2.5 =
CF or
> Super-Colorplan-P2 90/2.5 without problem. As a matter of fact, I am us=
> the P150 (that came with the Hektor-P2 85/2.8) with the Colorpolan-P2 9=
> CF (because my slides are not glass-mounted) and this combination works
> fine!
> However, if you are willing to spend the additional money for a more ro=
> projector, go for the P300
> or even P600.
> Pascal
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