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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Agfacolour fading
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 07:43:00 -0400

At 09:29 +0000 04/09/98, Doug Richardson wrote:
[ . . . ]
>I've recently been looking through a collection of slides taken in the
>early-to-mid sixties on Kodachrome and Perutz reversal films. All the
>transparencies which had been left in card or plastic mounts still had
>excellent colour, but those which had been bound between glass were
>badly faded.
>Doug Richardson

	I'd like to confirm that my 1960s, 1970s Kodachrome slides
	are the ones that have kept best, far better than other film
	types: it's an immediate thing, and the color quality was better
	to start with. [ That's why i'm so wary of switching to Fuji
	or going for Ektachrome (which i like  a lot when "fresh").
	My Agfa CT18 slides DON'T have the brown cast mentioned
	but the color character is realistic but as if the people
	who designed the film had another philosophy or perception
	of color photography. Also, most of my Agfa CT18 slides have been
	shot with the most wonderful Zeiss Contarex / Distagon 25 and they
	are F-A-R better than my mostly Nikon / Vivitar Series 1 images :
	you actually can see the details of the eyes of the people with the
	which i value V-E-R-Y much.

	Also, slides
	shot with an Agfa rangefinder camera borrowed from an aunt
	when a young teen show MUCH more contrast and saturation,
	excellent resolution, but on Kodachrome II, so that also probably
	is a major factor. I don't remember the model name of the Agfa
	but it had a lot of steel, sort of heavy but built like a truck,
	with a 3 position lens ( f/2.8 ?) focus scheme with icons for
	groups and mountains... I liked it a lot then, sure would like it now
	as weird as that may sound, just for the excellent image quality
	and extra bright and sharp rangefinder. To think companies once made
	such good consumer cameras . . .

	Andre Jean Quintal

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his robe was white as snow" . . .
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