Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/02

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Aesthetic qualities of photographs
From: "Gary Todoroff" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 23:18:49 -0700

When every part of the photographic process falls perfectly into place,
from the timely click of the shutter, to the first glimpse of the negative,
then to an enlargement that projects magic into your brain as well as onto
the easel - I recall having used the word "delicious". As I think about it
now, the feeling is more like a texture than a taste. Depending on the
photo, I would tend to think more of the crispness of a cashew nut or the
smoothness of good chocolate, less so their actual tastes.

I don't think I have ever consciously heeded this sense convergence in a
photo, but it is an interesting idea, and one that seems in me to lean
toward the sense of both touch and taste. I must admit to never having
"heard" anything, music or otherwise from a photo. 

On second thought, I seem to hear all too often the crunching sound of yet
another print being wadded up for the wastebasket! That always bring a
bitter taste to my mouth. . .

Gary Todoroff
Tree Lugger

> From:
> Someone wrote:
> "When I see photographs that (to me) convey a mood or emotion, rather
> just depict a subject, I hear music in my mind, influenced by the mood
> conveyed by the picture. Does anyone else get such cross-influencing of
> sensory impression, or do I just need to see a shrink?"
> ---------------------------------------------
> Comment:
> What you're experiencing is "Synaesthesia," the simultaneous convergence
> the senses.
> The abstract impressionist painter Kandinsky, was a major exponent of the
> concept of Synaesthesia, as was Russion composer Scriabin, French poet
> Baudelaire and members of the "Golden Dawn" in London during the 1920's. 
> ascribed to the use of multiple senses to bring about a deeper experience
> art, music and literature, for instance, "hearing color" or "seeing
> Cheers,
> Arturo