Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/02

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Codispoti for Fuhrer
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 03:07:18 PDT

Excuse me folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I just knocked off after a 16 hour day in a foreign country to see 
how folks are discussing Leica cameras and equipment and all I see is 
this kind of nonsense!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is, this kind of drivel should be relegated to one of 
those nasty mouthing off channels and keep our conversations polite and 
on topic about Leica cameras! Never mind the past it isn't relevent 
today if you are positive thinking. That was then, this is now and 
today! Be civilized and talk Leica or get out!!!!!

This isn't said with malice, but I'm sure a whole bunch of folks would 
feel better if those beating on each other over the past which none of 
us can change, but shouldn't forget, and get on with pleasentries of how 
we use or collect our a Leica's!

By the way mine are working fine even with the high temps and humidity 
of Malaysia, not to mention the constant in and out of "cold air 
conditioned locations"! 

So, come on guys knock off this what was then and what is now and get on 
with talking sanely about what we all love best in camera gear, the 
Leica whatever model or lens that might be.

Now I'll go back and finsh a few undone chores. Checking gear for 


>>  Why do we not talk about these, at least not with the intensity with 
>>  we refer to the Jewish holocaust?
>>  Is it because we have no excuse for standing idle while people are 
>>  massacred with impunity? Or is it because the Jewish vote in the USA 
>>  very powerful while there is little representation by the other 
>>  nationalities?
>>  Joseph Codispoti 
>    I can't believe that an Ameican actually wrote those words - or is
>    a Nazi namen.
>    Souris ( The mouse that now wants to bite the rat )

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