Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/09/02

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Subject: Re: [Leica] What is germane (was:Spaniel: LUG porno uploader [lest we forget])
From: Alan Ball <>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 10:28:21 +0200

A. C. G. Burbridge wrote:
> I doubt there is anyone on this list who doesn't have an opinion about this
> (I certainly do), but I am grateful to everyone who has declined to rise to
> the bait. It's not what I joined this forum to discuss!
> There *are* points which are germane, such as "What would be the effects of
> a settlement on the Leica-users as customers of Leica Corp.?" But I'd just
> as soon forgo such discussion if it would mean putting up with more
> disrespectful, jejune, ad hominem and personal battles clogging up my
> email...

While I totally agree with your request to stop disrespectful ad hominem
attacks on this list, I also find your definition of what should be
discussed as overlimiting: most of us are interested in the history of
the Leica and this interest for history is part of what makes the
average Leica user a little "different". There is no reason to cover up
part of that history, even if it could - maybe - end up sheding a
negative shadow on Leica's past image. I find the prosecution
interesting because it should normally bring a final conclusion to the
debates related to the period between 1933 and 1945, for Leica and other
German manufacturers.

I also find that the way the current Leica management reacts to this
should be scrutinized by all Leica users, because it would say a lot
about the current entreprise culture in Leica and about the relation the
current management really wants to keep with the Leitz tradition. It is
one thing to wave Barnack at every marketing opportunity, it could be
another to relate to all that might have been done at Wetzlar through
the more difficult years. It would therefeore be interesting to get
copies posted here of whatever public statements Leica issues on the
matter as well as detailed summaries of the testimonies of plaintiffs.
All genuine and documented historical reports on the subject are also
interesting and, in my opinion, perfectly fit for a discussion list such
as the LUG list.

If you find this is not "germane", then there are a lot of interesting
threads on this list that should not be considered as "germane".

Friendly regards