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Subject: RE: [Leica] Leica and Nazis (probably off-topic)
From: Alex Hurst <>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 23:11:14 +0100

B D Colen wrote:

>I know I shouldn't get into this, but I can't help myself.

One of the problems we have in the LUG is that threads which have already
been exhaustively debated some years ago seem to come round again. For a
subject as sensitive as this, it's a great pity that there's no easy way of
searching the Group archive before launching in. As I remember, Marc  knows
a lot of the history of Leitz and Zeiss on this, and came to some very
sensible conclusions at the time.
>But I do take offense at what appear to be attempts to differentiate between
>one unjustifiable practice and another.

In the field of horror there's no particular logic. We're living over here
now with the after-effects of the  recent bomb in Omagh (Northern Ireland),
which slaughtered Catholics and Protestants, men , women and children quite
indiscriminately. It was certainly inexcusable when the vast majority of
the population of this entire island had democratically expressed their
wish for peace as recently as last spring..

>Can't we all just agree that what went on in Germany from '33-45 was
>inexcusable. And similarly, agree that the perpetrators of those acts are
>long dead, and the folks who are today running companies that were active
>during those years bear no "guilt" for what happened then, and bear no
>relationship to their predecessors other than an ability to manufacture
>fabulous optical equipment?

My sentiments entirely, tho' I think the Swiss banks may still have a few
questions to answer.

>(By the way: Yes, I am Jewish. And one of my major clients happens to be a
>corporation that was a cornerstone of A.G. Farben.)

We're all paid-up members of the human race whatever our religious
inclinations, and the LUG community on the whole tends to represent some of
the better aspects of it.

Could we now close this subject and get back to Leicas?



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