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Subject: Re: [Leica] newbie
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:20:18 -0500

At 07:43 PM 8/24/98 -0300, you wrote:
>ugh!). What I really need is a camera with two lenses. A 28 or 35mm lens,
>and a 85mm or 100mm lens. I don't exactly care whether the camera is SLR or

Well, at this point, the R8 (SLR) comes with two of the best Leica lenses
in two of the focal lengths you mention. The 28 Elmarit R is a bit better
than the 28mm Elmarit M. And the 100 Apo Macro Elmarit (Elmarit means
f/2.8, Summicron Means f/2 and Summilux means f/1.4 and Noctilux means
f/1.0 - the latter only being available on the M6). 

But the M6 (rangefinder) comes with the best 35mm lens. Although the 35
Summicron on the R system is a superb lens. And the 35 1.4 is as well, but
the rangefinder (M) lenses edge out the R versions somewhat, especially
wide open. As for 90mm lenses, the newest 90mm lens that is coming soon is
going to be awesome. It's called the 90mm Summicron APO ASPH (Apochromatic
and Aspheric). It will be a landmark lens that will set new standards to
beat by anyone else. We know it's coming in the rangefinder, and I'm sure
it's going to be added to the SLR line, because the current lens was
discontinued recently.

It's a matter, I think, of how much weight you want to carry. And it sounds
to me like you are more an SLR type photographer than M, but that might
just be from experience. 

If I were in your situation, if I wanted 28mm and 100mm, then I'd go with
the R8 - SLR. If I wanted 35mm and 90mm, then it would be the M6 at this

You can't really use anything longer than 135mm on the rangefinder camera.
There are old discontinued SLR housings you can add to the M6, but if you
ask me, they're clunky compared to using a true SLR. And they haven't been
made for some time.

Either way, you can't lose. Superb cameras and lenses all. I made the truly
obsessive choice, I went with both! :-)
- -- 

Eric Welch
St. Joseph, MO

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