Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/30

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Final Chapter in Cont (long)
From: Mark Newport <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 12:09:34 -0600

>I had a similar disappointing correspondence from Leica UK once,
>I'd paid over =FA600 for a complete internal overhaul of my M5 (about 3-4
>years ago) and within 2 weeks it had stopped working completely, it had
>never failed before the overhaul...

My experience with Leica USA was different. Back late last year (as long
time LUGGERS might recall), I asked for suggestions concerning light leaks
in my M4-P shutter.  I had a problem with light streaks/reflections in 1984
that were addressed under warranty but in 1995 more shutter leak problems
occured. In the course of the recommended M tune up, Leica said I needed
new shutter curtains ($279.00). By July of 97 the problem was back and
worse than ever. After my plea on the LUG, Leica contacted me by e-mail and
offered to fix the problem free of charge (it was a year out of the
warranty period).  I sent the camera to Leica USA and they could not
duplicate the problem so they asked permission to send it to Solms
cautioning that it might be gone for while. Well, in short, I got a loaner
M6, a fully repaired M4-P that worked just like a new one (but that is
another story) and was only out my orignial shipping charge of about $20.00
(Leica refunded my return shipping on the loaner M6). Ms. Olesin, the nice
lady at Leica Service who handled my repair, was always very kind and
patient when I called to inquire about my camera. I also received the
German warranty card, orig. test prints and all the paperwork from Solms
and USA. I'm not saying Leica is perfect, but I do feel that they really
stood behind their product on this occasion (clearly the camera was
defective right out of the box 13 years before). I have spent $25,000.00
with car dealers that were not nearly as nice when came to servicing my
car, in fact I would probaly have to sue them to get this kind of service.

BTW, Sherry, if your listening, many thanks for talking me down off the
ledge over the strap protector issue. I have not forgotten your kindness.


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R. Mark Newport
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