Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/07/23

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Subject: Re: [Leica] 28mm Finders
From: Reg Ronaldson <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:51:51 +0100


yes I have one of the Russian turret finders. These are quite common 
in the UK. The image is rather small and they are quite bulky. I 
think I recall that there was a range of fixed focal length Russian 
viewfinders available a few years ago.

The message <>
  from (Paul C. Brodek) contains these words: 

> Reg,

> =46irst I "saved" some money by buying one of the cheaper non-Leica
> finders (Avenon).  Compared to a Leica finder, IMHO it is not very
> bright, has more distortion, has a strange yellowish tint, and is
> heavier.  After putting up with this for a couple of weeks I bought a
> Leica finder, which is IMHO much, much better.

> However, I recently lucked across a Soviet turret finder (from Keeble
> & Shuchat---thanks, Jeff; ser #307635 w/no mfr name, in case Marc is
> interested) which is pretty cool.  It is fairly bright w/no noticeable
> color tint, and is selectable for 28/35/85/135/50mm views (in that
> order).  It's kind of big and heavy and goofy-looking, but it's very
> convenient being able to change views by just rotating the turret, and
> having the 85mm and 135mm view makes using these longer lenses a bit
> easier for me.  If I could get one with 21mm as well I'd be in finder
> heaven, but I don't think any were made with 21mm.

> You can check out Stephen Gandy's web site,
> for some useful finder information.

> Regards,

> PB