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Subject: Re: [Leica] Gen. Loan
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 08:04:15 -0500

At 12:37 AM 7/19/98 -0400, you wrote: <br>
<font size=2><blockquote type=cite cite>Good point there. A photograph is
a slice out of a continuous timeline. What we sometimes make of any given
&quot;slice&quot; can very well be a lie. I would then say that in that
respect one could not make a moral judgement about a photograph, in that
it represents a moment in time. This would make it without any moral
attachment except those we ourselves give it.</font></blockquote><br>
<font size=2>That makes it very important how a picture is used. The
context in the &quot;story&quot; and the captioning of the photograph.
When done properly photojournalism can be a very powerful communicative
tool for the truth. It's not the story or the picture that has to be
trusted, it's the trustworthiness of the publication, its editors who
make the decisions they do. That's the basis for credibility of
Personal photography should be treated the same way, if you ask me. I
think that even when all we're doing (and this is no trivial thing) is
documenting our families' lives, that we should make sure that it is done
in an understandable way, so that future generations can look back and
appreciate who we are. We all do family snapshots. Do we ever think about
the historical value they might have for our great grandchildren? Imagine
how much we'd know about our roots if our ancestors had Leicas two
hundred years ago. Granny writing under the pictures in the photo albums
sure knew what she was doing.</font><br>
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